Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Wisteria Hysteria

Top Terrace

The hysteria about the college Wisteria began on a Monday morning, the 16th May, when a roving reporter called in to the college following a recommendation about the 'Wisteria in Worcester College being some of the best in Oxford'. Live on BBC Radio Oxford, Ali was interviewed briefly about the wisteria, how to prune them to achieve such a wonderful display'. Following this 2 minute broadcast visitors came to see this display and all agreed it was a magnificent display this year. Flowering throughout the month of May the many cascading flowers really do create a hysteria about the wisteria amongst all who see them.
To read about the wisteria being pruning refer to blog entry 14th January 2016 'Wisteria And Goldfinch', photographs of the 'Top Terrace' (see above photo) wisteria being pruned.



Beside The Besse Building

Sports Field

Provost's Garden

Bottom Archway

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