Monday, 16 May 2016

The Bananas, The Harbinger Of Summer

Too many the harbinger of summer is the swifts, when the swifts arrive from Africa and fill the skies with their screeching call, summer is on the way. However, to the gardeners, the 'harbinger of summer' is the unwrapping of the bananas! Having been under wraps since mid November the new leaves have been growing beneath the horticultural fleece trying to break free from it creating twisted and distorted shapes.


Today the new leaves were finally released from their confines as the unwrapping took place. Last year's old brown leaves were removed as well as some of the new leaves that had broken under the fleece. Cleared from all the old growth the bananas looked fresh and ready to herald the beginning of summer. (To see the story of how the banana plants are wrapped see blog entry for 19th November 2015 'Wrapping Banana Plants During The Tail End Of Storm Barney'.)

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