Friday, 20 May 2016

Using 'Pythagoras Theorem' To Create The New Lawn Pattern

The new design was cut in to the quad lawn for the first time this morning, triple width curves. Straight lines, circle, diagonal lines and curves, single, double and triple width have all been seen on the lawn before but not triple width curves.
To create this pattern involves the use of 'Pythagoras Theorem' and the walking of large paces from the first cane in the corner, point C, to points A and B to make right angled triangle, and an extra pace from point B to create the curve (arc), see diagram below for a visual explanation! The shape of the curve is carefully scored in to the lawn as a guidline for the first stripe and for each subsequent stripe to be worked off. Next week 'Pythagoras Theorem' will be used again to create this mowing pattern from another corner of the lawn and as the lawn in mowed two to three times a week during the summer months the curves will become more and more defined. For last year's lawn pattern see blog entry for 3rd June 2015 'Triple Width DiagonalLawn Pattern'.

circle sector

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