Thursday, 20 August 2015

Wallflower 'Treasure Primrose' and 'Sunset White'

Three trays of Wallflowers were delivered yesterday afternoon from Ball Colegrave, two of 'Sunset White' and one of 'Treasure Primrose', 720 small plug plants. 

Having managed to pot up the plants from one of the trays yesterday, Graham and Ali went back in to the greenhouse today to do the other two.

The tray is watered first to soften the compost. Each plant is then removed from its cell by gently pushing a small cane through the hole below and, holding on to the leaves, carefully lifting it out. 

Each plug plant is planted in to its own 7x7x8cm pot filled with a John Innes/multipurpose compost mix. A hole is made in the compost slightly larger than the plug, the plug is then placed in to the hole and the compost gently firmed around the roots to secure it in place. 

The young plants will remain in the well ventilated greenhouse for a week whilst they settle in to their pots. They will then be moved outside to the cold frames where they will remain until the first few weeks of October when they will be planted out to create the winter/spring displays.  

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