Thursday, 6 August 2015

Adding A Little Bit Of 'Sparkle' To The Greenhouse

Ali spent the morning in the greenhouse cleaning the many panes of glass that make up the both sides and ends. This was the first time 'Verritex Pro', a glass cleaning solution, had been used, mixing it with water and applying it with a mop. 

According the the product description, "Verritex is a specialist, acid free, environmentally sensitive solution developed for the safe and efficient cleaning of all glass surfaces. Ideal for large areas of inaccessible glass such as: professional greenhouses, amenity buildings or high rise buildings. Verritex Pro easily removes dirt, soot, sticky sap, grease, soils, pesticide and chemical residues, and algae. Verritex can be used in confined spaces as it does not give off fumes or odours during use, which makes it an ideal cleaner for the professional horticulturalist. Verritex achieves maximum ‘sparkle’ and ensures optimum light transmission, essential for healthy and efficient plant growth.
Unlike acids it does not etch or damage the glass surface instead it efficiently removes all forms of soiling quickly and effectively. An alternative to using corrosive and aggressive chemicals such as hydrofluoric acid. With a pH of 9.8 Verritex it will not damage sensitive surfaces such as aluminium or magnesium alloys."

Sparkling Glass

The solution was rinsed off with cold water and, whilst the glass dried, Ali brushed off the dirt on the wooden slatted tops before they were placed back on to the aluminium staging. A final sweep through the central isle and the greenhouse is now ready for September when the cuttings are taken. (The cleaned glass does have a 'sparkle' too)


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