Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Lupins, Sweet Rocket, Sweet William and Wallflowers

Lupinus polyphyllus 'Noble Maiden'
Last week Ali and Graham potted up 720 small plug plants that had arrived from Ball Colegrave. Today it was time to pot up the larger plug plants that had been grown from seed by the garden team; 35 Lupinus polyphyllus 'Noble Maiden' (Lupin), 35 Hesperis matronalis 'Purple-Violet' (Sweet Rocket), 15 Dianthus barbatus 'Hollandia Purple Crown' (Sweet William) and 75 Cheiranthus cheiri 'Sunset Primrose' (Wallflower). The seeds were sown in to trays during the first few weeks of July, then the seedlings were pricked out in to plug trays once the first set of true leaves had emerged. The plants are now ready for their next move, potting up in to individual 7x7x8 pots.

Plug Plant (Lupin)
Each plug plant is carefully pushed out from its module and potted in to a flower pot containing a multipurpose compost/John Innes mix. The compost is firmed gently around the plug, the pot placed in a tray and watered in when the tray is full.

35 Individual Lupin Plants

Hesperis matronalis 'Purple-Violet'
These young plants will stay in the greenhouse overnight and then be moved out in to the cold frames tomorrow. They will remain in the frames until the first few weeks of October when they will be planted out in to the display borders and cut flower bed.

Hesperis (Sweet Rocket) Plug Plants

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