Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Renovating The Path In The Quad

Yesterday the team began the project to renovate part of the path in the quad. They started by breaking up the section of the path at the base of the banks which had gradually worn away over the years. Unlike previous path renovations, when the surface was broken up using the New Holland tractor with the grab attachment, due to its location and accessibility, the quad path had to be broken up by the team using forks.

Following the preparation of the path yesterday, three deliveries, totalling 10 tonnes of 'as dug ballast', arrived today. The ballast had to be transported from its delivery site to the quad in order for it to be used to create the new path. First the New Holland, with the front loader attached, was used to scoop the ballast up and load it in to the trailer. Once full, the trailer was towed by tractor round to the archways of the quad where its contents were emptied. 

The ballast was shovelled in to wheelbarrows which were then wheeled in to the quad and tipped on to the broken path. 

Raked to create a slight camber, the 10 tonnes of ballast was then compacted using the wacker plate. The path will be allowed to settle overnight and be compacted again in the morning.

(L-R) Ady, Graham, Callum, Ali behind the camera (The wheelbarrow team)

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