Thursday, 9 April 2015

Moving In To The Cold Frames

Tender Plants In The Peach House, Time To Move Out

The tender plants have been hardening off in the cooler peach house for two weeks, today it is time for them to move out. Space is at a premium in the large, heated greenhouse and the seedlings are pushing for the prime location, so the next lot of tender plants need to be moved out and in to the peach house.

Moved Out In To The Cold Frame

The plants, all from cuttings taken in September, were moved in to one of the frames where they will remain until the end of May, beginning of June, when they will be planted out in to the gardens. The space they left behind in the peach house has been filled already leaving room on the bench in the heated greenhouse which will be filled by the, soon to be pricked out, seedlings. 

The lids have been put on the frames, during the day they are left up and at night they be closed whilst the overnight temperatures are below 5 degrees. 

Lids On At Night

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