Friday, 24 April 2015

A Triumph Of Tulips

Tulips And The Cottages (2015)

The project to introduce tulips, in large numbers, to the college gardens began 6 years ago, to provide a colourful display in the spring. This year has been a real triumph for the tulips, a hot, dry spring allowing them to flower for weeks and not being damaged by wind and April showers.

Tulips 'Lily Flowered Triumph Mixed'

The border at the far end of the quad has been a riot of colour, 500 'Lily Flowered Triumph Mixed' have been planted since November 2013 and, with the under planting of Wallflower 'Sunset Primrose' and Polyanthus 'Bright & Breezy Mixed' has created a stunning display.

 'China Pink', 'Purple Dream', 'Atilla', 'Black Hero', 'Black Parrot', 'White Triumpator'

In the herbaceous border the first tulips, 300-400, were planted in November 2009 and every year since then between 400-750 have been added. Tulip 'Black Hero' and 'Black Parrot', a double flowered maroon-black tulip and a dark maroon-black tulip with frilled margins respectively, were added last autumn creating another superb display.

Tulip 'Shirley'

Tulip 'Mount Tacoma'

In the corner border 200 Tulip 'Shirley' have had a relaxing effect, ivory flowers with a purple edge under planted with Wallflower 'Sunset Purple'.By the bridge, the border created last September, has a very serene feel to it, 200 Tulip 'Mount Tacoma', peony-flowered, double white blooms.

Tulips In The Orchard 'National Velvet' and 'China Pink'
Over in the orchard, the years of planting Tulip 'National Velvet' and 'China Pink' still stop people in their tracks, reaching for their cameras to record the view.

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