Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Moving An Apple Tree

In an area that was once the student vegetable garden but is now derelict and awaiting the start of the building of a new lecture theatre, an apple tree is in need of a new home in the college orchard.

Best transplanted when dormant, Ali and Graham carefully dug around the roots hoping to keep as much of the root system as possible. The tree was then taken to the bottom orchard, a large hole dug and some organic matter added to the hole. The tree was then gently placed in to the hole, the removed soil back filled and heeled in around the root ball. A wooden stake was inserted at an angle next to the tree and a tree tie used to secure it to the stake to prevent it moving while the new root system is established. The branches were then pruned back so there will be less for the roots to support when the tree goes in to leaf. Finally it was given a good watering in.   

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