Thursday, 15 January 2015

Cutting Down The Ornamental Grasses

The ornamental grasses and perennial planting in the Serpentine Garden of the Ruskin Building have started to look untidy over the last few weeks. Using secateurs and hand shears they were carefully cut down revealing the different sized box balls and the newly emerging Muscari (Grape Hyacinth), Tulip 'Spring Green' and Allium 'Purple Sensation'.    

Once the cutting down had been finished leaves, debris and weeds were removed and the border forked through.


  1. I like the box balls. When do you cut them and do you cut by hand or electric hedge cutters? We are trying out different times for cutting our box so I'd been interested to know what you do. helen

    1. Hi Helen. The box balls are usually cut down between July and end of August, the later the better as we find they remain in their form, no new growth until the spring. Last year, due to the hot summer, cutting in full sun scorthes them so we waited for an overcast day, they were not clipped till the 2nd September, see blog entry for that date. The new growth is cut using a petrol hedge trimmer followed by a fine cut with hand shears, there are 33 of them so hard work! (but worth it). Hope this helps Ali