Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Low Maintenance Lavender Planters

Lavender Planter - August 2014

In August 2014 the project to convert the large planters on the Sainsbury Building balconies to low maintenance lavender gardens began. Three of the planters had all the weeds removed, new top soil added, the leaky pipe watering system renewed and reconnected, and weed suppressing membrane placed over the new soil but only one had lavender planted through the membrane and a layer of gravel spread on top. Five months on, the completed planter has matured well so the other two have now been planted up, leaving three left to be completely rejuvenated next week. 

Lavender Planter - January 2015 (5 Months Later)

The plants were positioned in their pots, crosses cut in the membrane sufficient for them to be planted through and the edges folded back. The soil was carefully removed, the lavender placed in the holes and the edges folded back around each plant. A top dressing of gravel was added and the plants watered in. (One of the planters is planted up with Cornus and Bay as well as Lavender)

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