Thursday, 8 May 2014

Roses Grown On Rope

The rope that was tied around the ash tree beside the lake has rotted and is in need of replacing. The rope was put in place a few years ago for the vigorous, white flowered climbing rose, Rosa Cooper's Burmese, to climb up, without it the rose has collapsed.

A new rope was wound around the trunk and clipped into place. The rose and the vigorous, white flowered, Clematis montana grandiflora, planted last summer, were attached to the rope and now have a new support to climb the tree.

Across the path from the ash tree is a rope swag for another climbing rose, Rosa filipes 'Wilson's Worcester'. Planted with Clematis 'Rooguchi' with its purple, ribbed, bell shaped flowers and the purple flowered Akebia quinata, the Chocolate Vine, the old Holm Oak trunk is now covered, with the rose climbing along the swag to the neighbouring tree.

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