Friday, 30 May 2014

More Curves On The Quad Lawn

View From The Cloisters (Old Design, Right Corner)

The new curved design on the quad lawn was first seen at the beginning of May, see blog entry 9th May 'The Curves On The Front Quad Lawn', but they have been causing some concern to Joss with regard to their visibility from a certain aspect. From the right hand side of the cloisters, as you walk into the college, he felt that the new design had little, or no impact so improvements have been made.

New, Additional Curves (View From The Cloisters)
Starting from the adjacent corner, Joss has mown a new set of curves to improve the visual impact from the cloisters especially from the right hand side. Both sets of curves will be mown into the lawn throughout the summer, becoming increasingly prominent over time.

Both Sets Of Curves (View From Staircase 6)

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