Friday, 30 May 2014

An Brief Encounter With Three Young Goldfinch

The Wisteria 'Black Dragon', located on he terrace of the quad, has finished flowering and now putting on a growth spurt, producing long, whippy green shoots. These shoots are protruding out across the path and starting to cover the windows so need to be cut back. To reach the highest of these shoots, Ali climbed the large ladder, footed by Simon, and had a surprising, but brief encounter with three young Goldfinches. Unseen by Ali was a nest hidden amongst the wisteria and, as she went to cut one of the whippy shoots, got too close to its occupiers who, startled by this invasion of their space, jumped out of the nest, landing safely on the ground below. Not far off from fledging, usually between 13-18 days old, the Goldfinches were carefully picked up and placed back up in the nest, all this under the watchful eyes of the two adult birds who remained in the vicinity. 

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