Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Scarifying With The Amazone

The large lawn in the Provost's garden is in need of scarifying again due to the build up of thatch. The tractor mounted Amazone scarifier, last seen two years ago, see blog entry 6th September 2011 'Blowing A Gale', was brought out from storage to remove the thatch once more. The thatch seems to take two years to build up before it becomes a problem to the ride on mowers. Previous to 2011, the scarifying of the Provost's lawn was 27th October 2009, see blog entry 'Scarifying On A Large Scale'.

The grass was very dry, and with a gentle breeze, Simon had to wear a face mask and glasses to protect himself from the huge amount of dried grass and dust particles being produced by the Amazone.

Kieron, using the Iseki ride on mower, collected the thatch and grass that was dropped by the Amazone. By the end of the day the lawn was brown, but will soon recover in the morning dews and warm temperatures of late summer, perfect conditions for grass growing.

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