Friday, 6 September 2013

Cuttings 2013

September is the perfect time to take cuttings of the tender plants out in the gardens. Crystal, under Ali's guidance, started with the ideal plant for beginners, pelargonium. Healthy non flowering shoots were chosen, cutting them above a leaf joint from the parent plant. Once back in the potting shed, a straight cut was then made below a leaf joint, the lower leaves removed, the soft tip pinched out and the base of the stem dipped in hormone rooting powder. A dozen 3 inch pots were filled with a 50/50 mix of John Innes No 2 and multipurpose compost, and, using a dibber, three holes were made in the compost of each pot inserting the cuttings carefully into the holes. After gently firming them in, the pots were then watered and placed on the bench in the peach house. By the end of the month the cuttings should have rooted and new plants for next year's display produced.

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