Tuesday, 24 September 2013

"Before Construction, Comes Destruction"

The corner border has gone past its best, becoming messy, so it is time to clear it and start planting it up for the winter/spring display. Yesterday, as Sophie and Ali began to dig up the display, a visitor stopped and gave them an appropriate description of what he was witnessing, "Before construction, comes destruction".

Continuing to destroy the summer display they dug up the tender specimen plants, Aeonium and Abutilon, for potting up in the greenhouse and the annuals for the compost heap. 

Once cleared, all the debris was raked up, the border forked through and levelled in preparation for today's mulching and planting.

Wallflowers, 'Sunset Orange', which were just small plugs a month ago, see blog entry 21st August 'Potting Up 460 Wallflower Plugs Plants' were planted in amongst the structural planting of the box balls and Cornus. The Myosotis 'Royal Blue' and the yellow tulip 'West Point' will join them before the end of October and complete this year's winter/spring display.

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