Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Seed To Lawn In Just 11 Weeks

On the 11th April Joss scattered grass seed over a specially prepared area in a corner of the Provost's garden and roped it off to protect it. Today, just 11 weeks later, the grass seed has grown creating a lovely area of lawn and the ropes have been removed.


  1. You must have been wetter than here in York to get such a great result.
    Seed in my view gives the best turf. My own prejudice is to sow the fescues and bent grasses rather than rye grass...albeit modern varieties of ryegrass are very good.

    1. Hi Roger. The grass seed used is Limagrain MM50 range for Tees, Fairways and Driving Ranges, ideal for extreme wear areas and is a mix of three different perennial rye grass, here's a link www.limagrain.co.uk Regards Ali