Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Planting In Dappled Shade

Another border, located at the back of the kitchen next to the Nuffield building, was planted up today. The planting was influenced by the large Catalpa speciosa (Western Catalpa), whose large canopy casts dappled shade over the area. The tree planted in the winter of 1911/12, is now registered as a Champion Tree on The Tree Register, and has been measured at 21 meters tall, making it the tallest of its type to be recorded in the UK. ('Champion Tree' status is given to those trees of national importance based on their age, size, height and girth.) With the dappled shade in mind, Ady, Graham and Kieron spent the morning planting semi-shade loving plants including tree ferns, ferns, impatiens, begonia, spider plants, umbrella papyrus. 

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