Wednesday, 19 June 2013

A Young Fox Cub Rescued

A very small, young fox cub has been seen around the college during the last week and has been causing some concern amongst the staff. Worried that it seemed to be too young and small to be alone, was very thin, and hungry, as most of the sightings had been in the bin areas, it was decided to try and catch it and take it to a local animal rescue centre. Captured quite easily by tempting it into an animal carrier basket with three rashers of bacon, it was transported to the greenhouse. Not happy with its capture, it bit through the basket and escaped, only to be recaptured and, this time, locked in the greenhouse. The RSPCA were then called.

RSPCA Animal Collection Officer, Dennis, arrived later this morning and managed to catch the fox cub and place it in to a less edible carrier. He confirmed what the staff had suspected, that the fox was too young to be alone, as well as having mange, the reason for its the fur loss and foul smell. Dennis took the  fox to St. Tiggywinkles for rehabilitation. A big thank you to the RSPCA and St. Tiggywinkles for their help today.

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