Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Wondrous Wisteria

Pruned Wisteria (Provost's Garden, January 2013)

The majority of the college wisteria were pruned at the end of January, see blog entry 31st January 2013 'Pruning Wisteria and Climbing Roses'. The picture above shows the wisteria in the Provost's garden after it was pruned and below, how it looks now, a wonderful display. All around the college there are waterfalls of wisteria flowers tumbling down from railings and walls providing a truly wondrous display. (For pictures of a 252ft long wisteria in flower that has kept its owner waiting for 20 years to see its glorious display click on this link, 'Britain's Longest Wisteria Vine' )
Wisteria In Flower (Provost's Garden, May 2013)

Wisteria floribunda 'Yae-kokuryu' (syn. Wisteria 'Black Dragon')

Wisteria over the arch to/from the Nuffield lawn.

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