Friday, 31 May 2013

Nest Box Update

In August 2012, Ali and Simon put up four nest boxes, made by Kieron, on trees along the canal side path, see blog entry 21st August 'Bird Boxes In Place'. Their best hope, to have at least one occupied during the next spring. To their surprise, two, possibly three are occupied, however all has not gone smoothly since the birds moved in.
First noticed on the 22nd May, the photo above shows an adult Blue Tit coming out of one of the boxes, and this sight has been regularly witnessed over the last ten days. Both adults visit the box with food for their young brood and, as it takes approximately 18-20 days from when the chicks hatch to when they leave the nest box, it is hoped that the box will be vacated by the 10th of June.
Unfortunately the occupants of one of the other boxes were not so fortunate. Adults were seen visiting the box with beaks full of food and the noise of the hungry chicks were heard from within, but day after day the box was being attacked by a Great Spotted Woodpecker until the hole had been enlarged and the nest box raided.

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