Friday, 3 May 2013

Double Width Circles

Last year Joss changed the mowing design on the quad lawn from diagonal lines to circles, see blog entry 26th March 2012 'Round In Circles'. The circles proved a huge success with numerous positive comments received throughout the summer. This year the circles have returned, but this time bigger, double width circles! The process to start is still the same, Joss runs string from a corner, diagonally across the quad, to the opposite corner, staking each end. He repeats this process creating a cross of string on the lawn, giving him the centre point from where he starts the first circle. This time, rather than change direction after each circle is mown, he mows two circles in the same direction, twice the width. After two circles are complete he has to change the direction of the mower, going in the opposite direction to the two previous circles, creating the amazing striped effect, truly amazing to watch it being done, stunning!

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