Monday, 5 November 2012

Sternbergia lutea

Sternbergia lutea
(Winter Daffodil)

As you walk through the archway leading from the bottom of the quad to the Nuffield lawn you are greeted by a bright patch of sunshine. Brightening up the drabbest of autumn days, this beautiful patch of sunshine is from the bright yellow, goblet shaped flowers of the autumn flowering bulb, Sternbergia lutea. 


  1. glad someone else has discovered cutting down with hedge trimmers. I have been using my petrol hedge trimmers for this for some years now.
    But isn't it a little early to be cutting everything back?

    1. Hello Roger, discovered using the hedge trimmer last year, so much faster and this year we only needed 2-3 people to do the boder cut down and mulch rather than the whole team of 6-7. We like to cut down at this time of year as we have several borders to cut and mulch as well as a two week college shut down over xmas/new year, and a large amount of pruning to do when we return from our break which will keep us all busy in Jan/Feb.
      Thank you for your comment, Ali (Gardener)

  2. Thanks for your detailed reply Ali, my question was a little tongue in cheek. Fifty years I worked for Hartlepool Parks Dept and I know what seasonal deadlines are like. I also remember the fine craftsman and it looks like you lads are the same---but clearly updated with your hedge trimmers and other modern ideas.