Monday, 19 November 2012

Leaf Chasers

The team have felt like leaf chasers today, no sooner had they raked, mown or blown the leaves they were replaced by the same again, if not more. These photos were taken an hour after the team had cleared the leaves.


  1. Just want to say I really enjoy reading your blog which covers all aspects of gardening, from propagation to landscaping.
    I first came across it while searching images of hoggin which we now often use in our garden design projects.
    Do you renovate the hoggin paths every 5 years or so as part of your routine maintenance work, or just decide to do so when you notice heavy wear?

    Emi (Oxford Garden Partners)

    1. Hello Emi, I am pleased that you are enjoying our blog and thank you for your comment. Our hoggin paths tend to be renovated when we notice signs of wear which oddly seems to be every five to seven years, although a maintenance programme would be good in an ideal world. We welcome your comments and look forward to hearing from you again. regards Allison (Gardener and blog writer)