Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Herbaceous Cut Back

As another year draws to an end it is time to start cutting back herbaceous border displays and mulching them for the winter. The first border to be cut is the herbaceous border in the Nuffield lawn area.

Ali starts working on the border removing all the plant supports that were made in April, see blog entry 4th April 2012 'Don't Forget The Echinacea'. Once removed Simon, using a hedge cutter, cuts down the herbaceous perennials whilst Kieron rakes the cut down material off the border, placing it in the trailer for transporting to the compost heap.

The use of the hedge cutter to cut down the border was trialed for the first time last year, see blog entry 21st November 2011 'Hedge Trimmer or Secateurs' and having cleared the border in record time we now use this method rather than secateurs.

By the end of the day the first border was cleared ready for mulching and they had begun to clear the second.

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