Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Number 25 and 27

No 25 'Before'
Ali and Graham were given the task to tidy the back gardens of two of the college's properties. Having weeded them just 10 weeks ago they took with them a wheelbarrow, three city council green bags, a hoe, spring rake and a broom. Upon arriving and opening the back doors they soon realised that the equipment they had taken with them would be far from sufficient for the job.

No 25 'After'

Back to the college they went for the tractor, trailer, five empty tonne bags, loppers, saw, blower and a step ladder!

No 27 'Before'

By the end of the day all the tonne bags were full as well as the three city council green bags and, hopefully, the gardens will remain clear until next spring when the weeds begin to re emerge, the weedkiller may then have to be used.

No 27 'After'

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