Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Behind The Tennis Courts

Last year, 31st January to be exact, the border behind the tennis court was cleared after years of neglect, see blog entry 'Brambles'. The brambles and ivy had taken over, shrubs left unpruned, resulting in a very messy area as shown in the photo above. Well, almost two years on and the border had again been taken over by the brambles and ivy, shrubs left unpruned and the area was back to how it had looked before its last clearance.
This time the border was not going to be allowed to return to the wild and for the last week Ady, Graham, Callum and Simon have worked hard to clear it. The tired old shrubs, brambles and ivy were all cut down and roots removed, leaving just a few trees remaining. The soil was raked to remove all the debris, levelled and grass seed sown to create a low maintenance grass area. The only time we will need to return to this area in the future is when the grass needs cutting.

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