Friday, 17 February 2012

Orchard Extension

In front of the greenhouses is a very scruffy, unkempt area that will form an extension to the orchard in which we will plant new fruit trees during the Queen's Diamond Jubilee year, although not specifically a commemorative garden, a very good reason for clearing this neglected area.

Years of brambles, bindweed, ivy and tired roses growing unchecked need to be cleared, so with the sharp blade attachment on the strimmer, Graham and Ady start to cut them down, Callum removes an old, broken fence that has crumbled under the weight of the wilderness.

Once strimmed down, the grab on the front of the tractor helps clear the strimmings and loads them into the trailor bound for the skip. The roots are then dug out and the area raked through, the project continues.
(Don't know where I am going to get my blackberries from this year!)

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