Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Carpet Laying

The team returned to the garden they started clearing last week. This weeks tasks to put in wooden edging along the back of the hedge, stone edge the new borders under the front windows, lay weed suppressing membrane and cover with ten tonnes of gravel due to be delivered on Thursday.

Ady and Graham work together in laying the wooden edge on one side of the hedge with Joss putting down the wooden edge on the other side. Kieron lays down the stone edging for the borders under the windows.

Ali and Calum spend the day on their knees laying the weed suppressing membrane, carefully overlapping each piece and pegging it down, don't ask us to lay your carpets though.

With the largest area completed by the end of the day, they will return tomorrow to lay the membrane at the front of the house between the new wooden and stone edging.

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