Wednesday, 23 November 2011

White & Black

Back in November 2009, we started to plant tulips in the herbaceous border. That year we planted the red, orange and white followed by purple and pink in November 2010. Well, as we are always searching for perfection, we weren't happy with the white tulips. The idea was to see all the colours at the same time, but the white tulips had flowered and gone over before the other four colours. A decision was made to remove these white tulips back in May and replace them with a later flowering variety.

The new tulip is 'White Triumphator', a lily flowered, long stemmed, elegant, pure white tulip which flowers the same time as the other four; Pieter de Leur (red); Ballarina (Orange); Attila (Purple) and China Pink (Pink). We now have to wait until May to see if we have got it right this time.

Once all the white tulips had been planted it was time to mulch. Last years leaves, office shredded paper, grass cuttings and herbaceous cut down material have been regularly mixed in the compost bay and is now ready to be used.

By the end of the day a lovely dark black, crumbly material had been added to the border and the team was ready to move on to the next area.

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