Thursday, 17 November 2011

Opening Up The View

The day was spent working in the orchard, the main objective, to open up the views looking out across the lake. Starting with the Walnut tree, now that it has entered its winter dormant period, the lower, obstructing branches were removed. The large roses along the path were also cut back and the Lime trees had all their epicormic growth removed.

Lime trees often produce prolific sprouting or epicormic growth from the base and, if caught early, can be removed by pulling them off, but, as in this case, saws, secateurs and a chain saw were needed to remove them.

The Walnut tree was to have its branches removed in the spring but, as this is the time when the sap rises, it had to be delayed. Six months later, with the risk of weeping now reduced, the branches have been safely removed.

With all the clutter having been removed the view across the lake is now clear.

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