Monday, 21 November 2011

Hedge Trimmer Or Secateurs?

Although the temperatures are still above average for this time of year, it is time to cut down the herbaceous border and prepare it for the winter, whenever it may arrive.

Whilst the team get the tools out for the day, Simon walks down the border making notes on what needs to be changed in order to improve it for next years display. Some perennials have got too big and need to be lifted, split up into smaller clumps and replanted whilst others need to be removed.

Once all notes have been made the team descend onto the border to cut it down. This year we are using a hedge trimmer for the first time, being careful not to hit the plant supports we made back in March, which is best, hedge trimmer or secateurs, we shall see?

By the end of the day a third of the border has been cut down and taken to the compost pile with the plant supports going to the chipping pile. The team will return tomorrow.

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