Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Rain Stops Play

After two days of all things grass, every blade has been cut and edged within the college, Simon, Joe, Ali and Kieron move into the Provost's rose garden, it is time to cut the yew columns and the large hedge at the back. Ali and Kieron, once they have set up the string levels and lines to follow, cut the columns whilst Simon and Joe, using a tall ladder, cut back the large hedge.

The threat of rain has been hanging over the teams activities all morning and, as forecast, it arrives at midday, getting them wet as they rush to pack up.

The rain continues after lunch so all the team move indoors. Josh and Graham clean and tidy the tool sheds, Ali digs out the old cucumber and squash plants, tidying up the rest of the tomatoes and peppers.

Joe and Kieron move into the large greenhouse and start to paint the staging with preservative, ready for the plants that will soon return to the warm indoors in October.

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