Wednesday, 4 August 2010


The weather forcast for the day was scattered showers, a perfect day to powerwash the glasshouse, inside and out. Joe and Ali get wet before the rain arrives and when it does, its washes off all the dirt and grime the power washing has dislodged. After they finished, they move on to washing all the staging with Jeyes Fluid, cleaning all the dirt and any fungal disease that may have built up over the last twelve months.Down at the bottom of the sports field, Ady, Graham and Josh spend the morning chipping, using the newly serviced chipper to clear the huge pile that has built up over the last three months. The rain arrived as the last few pieces of wood went through the machine, a downpour, soaking the three of them. Ali was happy though, it came at just the right time for her and the newly cleaned glasshouse.

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