Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Garden Restoration

Another overgrown garden has been tackled by the team over the last three days. Ady and Graham started the job on Monday, greeted by a tangled mess of weeds burying what, was once, a low maintenance garden landscaped by the team a few years ago. Clearing a path into the garden was the priority so the other team members could join them, as they cleared signs of a gravelled garden gradually emerged.

Cutting and chopping their way through, they amassed a huge pile of rubbish that had to be thrown over the garden wall at the back of the garden. The next photo is of our two intrepid explorers, Graham and Ady, who successfully made their way through the wilderness.

Once the area had been cleared the paving stones were cemented into place and a new top dressing of gravel added, buckets, trugs and dust bins used to transport the gravel over the wall. The garden furniture was then washed down and returned to the rediscovered patio area.

The final job, to complete the restoration, was for Joe and Simon to repair the boundary wall, seen in the earlier photo of our intrepid explorers.

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