Friday, 8 January 2010

Worst Winter In 30 Years

The last words I wrote on the blog last Tuesday, 5th January were:

"as we left work today the snow clouds arrived and began to drop their contents all over the college grounds. What awaits us tomorrow, we will have to wait and see?" Well, the last three days have been unbelievable.

"It's the worst winter in 30 years" the media have informed us and I think they are right. Three of our gardening team, Lucy, Joe and Josh weren't even born thirty years ago. Ady and Graham, who have worked in the college gardens for 30 and 20 years respectively, are holidaying in the sun and I was snowed in at home for the three days, trying to dig myself out but left defeated and unable to get to work.
Over the last three days Simon's gardening team has been very depleted in numbers, scattered all over the world, so any body who managed to get in, by any methods possible, has been greatly appreciated.
The main task, to clear all the paths and to keep them clear as the snow continued to fall and freeze over night. The climax of the whole snowy experience came today when the car park had to be cleared to allow cars to leave safely. The call for volunteers resulted in men coming from all departments with the kitchen staff providing hot drinks and food for the workers. Shovels, heavy machinery and human endeavour worked tirelessly to move the snowy blanket and free all of its captives. Team work of the highest order.

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