Tuesday, 19 January 2010

"We Did Well Today"

Today the gardening team got to start their first real project of the year following all the disruption caused by the snow. The plan is to create a winter themed border along the path to the Linbury Building.

The first task was to clear the area , cutting down all the overgrown shrubs that cover the border. Armed with secateurs, loppers and saws they begin to cut it all down and make very good headway before tea break. Working along the border, from left to right, they begin to expose the base of the shrubs which will need to be dug out.

The shrubs have been in place for a number of years and will take a lot of effort to dig them out, Graham, Josh, Joe and Kieron use their considerable power to do this. However, as they work along the border, following behind the cutting down team of Ali and Lucy, the task becomes alot harder as more and more shrub roots start to entangle themselves. Simon then turns up with the New Holland tractor with the grap on the font and rips all the roots in a matter of minutes!

Once all the shrubs and their roots have been cleared, the border is forked over to clear any remaing rubbish. The area is then tidied up for the night and should the forecast snow not materialise, we will return tomorrow to dig in the compost to rejuvenate the soil. As Simon says "We did well today".

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