Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Redwings and a Parakeet

This winter has been very tough on the wildlife as well as the gardening team, but we like to work hand in hand with our neighbours. Food has been placed out for the ducks on the frozen lake and on the table for the birds. Due to the heavy blanket of snow, sightings of rare birds have become common place in the college gardens.
The Redwing's have been seen in numbers along the Nelson street path and by the chipper at the bottom of the sports field. The frozen ground has made it difficult for them to feed in the fields where they are usually found, so they have moved to built up areas.

Another visitor to our gardens has been a Parakeet which has been seen sporadically over the last few years. This Parakeet has been named Barry by the gardeners and has been seen in the gardens again today. Welcome back, Barry.

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