Friday, 7 August 2009


Back on the 7th may, blog entry "Bodge It And Scarper Ride Again" we told you about the planting of the tomato plants. Well, 3 months on and we have an plentiful crop, being enjoyed by the gardening team.

The four varieties planted were:

Harlequin, a sweet, juicy,
rich red, long trussed, plum shaped
tomato.has an eye catching upturned
calyx resembling a jesters hat, as can be seen in the photo.

Sub Artic Plenty, a heavy cropper,
producing small red fruit ripening
very early with plenty of flavour.

Ailsa Craig, a traditional favourite, produces early medium sized
greenback fruit with exceptional flavour.

Golden Sunrise, a medium sized, early,
smooth, well shaped, golden yellow
tomato with a sweet fruity flavour.
The team water the crop daily and feed on
Fridays with Tomorite, a high potash feed.

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