Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Seedlings, Yew Columns and Two Snowmen in a Snow Storm

Some of the tasks this week have included the pricking out of the germinated seedlings, cutting the 20 Yew columns in the Provosts Garden and the continuation of the chemical store. The seeds were sown on the 3rd August, see blog "Hold The Front Page", and have now germinated successfully. Each seedling will need to be pricked out into its own cell within a cell tray where it will remain for a few more months.

Lucy and Ali were given the task of hedge cutting the 20 Yew columns. Once finished they started to prick out the seedlings, but, after cutting 20 Yews (Taxus baccata) the shoulders were aching and each tiny seedling felt like a tonne weight.

Graham and Ady continued the painting of the chemical store, a third and fourth coat of white applied to give it the perfect finish. Not sure if their suits were blue when they started and they painted each other as well as the walls!

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