Monday, 3 August 2009

Hold The Front Page !

Newspaper's, once read, are consigned to the recycling bin, shredded and put on the compost heap, or in this case they are used to cover seedling's. Thinking ahead to next Spring, now is the time to sow the seed's, for the bed's and border's around the College. A seed tray is filled with Multi purpose compost and watered well, seed's are sprinkled over the top, and then covered with a light dusting of the compost using a fine sieve, a light watering with a very fine rose on the watering can just to bed the seed's in ,and then cover with paper and keep in a cool, dark place to germinate, they all should be up in a week to ten day's. As soon as the seedling's are just breaking through the compost, remove the paper and put the tray's on top of the Glasshouse staging to grow on, but keep out of direct sunlight, they should be ready to prick out in about a week.
This year we have sown.. Pansies ' Deep Orange ' and ' Blue Blotch ' ... Myosotis ' Mon Amie Blue '.. and Bellis ' White and Mixed ', or basically..Pansies, Forget-me-Nots, and Daisies.
Spring is not exactly in the air, but it's good to look forward.

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