Friday, 12 May 2017

Escaping The Confines Of The Fleece

Wrapped But Trying To Escape Their Fleecy Confine

Not since 2014 have the group of hardy banana plants, Musa basjoo, been unwrapped during the first two weeks of May, although last year was only a few days later, the 16th. According to the Met Office, this winter has been the ninth mildest and driest winter since records began in 1910. These unwrapping dates also coincide with the even milder, but wet, winters of 2013/14 and 2015/16.  

Being Unwrapped

Warmer under the horticultural fleece, the plants have been stretching and pushing their winter protection up and out of the ground in attempt to escape from their fleecy confine, some have even made a hole in it as if gasping for the cooler fresh air! A day of heavy rain is forecast which will be a relief to these plants that have been wrapped up since the 3rd November.

Breaking Through

Pushing Up The Fleece From The Ground


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