Thursday, 25 May 2017

Cygnets On The Lake

Four Cygnets Following Dad

It's happened, the swans have cygnets! Seven were spotted on the lake at the weekend, Sunday 21st May, and although their numbers have reduced to just four their arrival has created great excitement amongst the college community. Since the spring of 2012 the lives of the swans has been documented on this blog, here are the links to their story:

18th April 2017 'Nesting Birds'.
3rd January 2017 'The Swans Have Been Making Headlines In The Local Newpaper'.
26th August 2016 'A Tragic End For The Pair Of Mute Swans'. (This entry has the links for their story between March 2012 and August 2016).

Staying Close To Dad

 On The Island

On Mum's Back

Wanting A Ride

On Dad's Back

Two Cygnets On Dad's Back

Three Of The Four Cygnets

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