Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Road To Nowhere

Sloping Border

In the past the border in the corner of the Linbury Building courtyard has been used as a heeling in bed to store plants temporarily until a more permanent place was found for them and as a tropical themed border back in 2015, see blog entry for the 11th June 'A Touch Of Tropical In The Linbury'. The slope does however cause a problem when watering the plants so recently the border has been left empty until a solution could be found. The idea of terracing was discussed, agreed and yesterday the team began the project to terrace this small sloping border

Victorian Edging Tiles

Victorian edging tiles were collected from storage and taken to the work area whilst the first lot of 6 to 1 concrete was mixed (6 shovels of sharp sand to 1 part cement plus a small amount of water) to bed and support the tiles, also known as haunching.

Mixing Up The Concrete

A string line was used to mark out the curves required and a small trench dug out along the two lines. Working on a small section at a time, moving along the trench, the concrete mix was laid out in to the trench sufficient for the tiles to be bedded in to then, using a small rubber mallet, were tapped level. Concrete was then placed at the base of each tile, behind and in front, smoothed at an angel to support them using a pointing trowel and left to set overnight 

Bedding And Haunching The Tiles
Adding Leaf  Mould To The Border

Returning to the site this morning, the soil in each section was forked through, leaf mould added and then levelled ready for the first shrubs to be planted.


Pittosporum tenuifolium

The shrub chosen to be planted along the edging tiles is Pittosporum tenuifolium, a glossy leaved evergreen with clusters of small, deep purple flowers in late spring and early summer. However, the team, pleased with the result of the terracing project, were asked by a number of passers by, "Where does the road lead to?" The border has now been named 'The Road To Nowhere'.

Road To Nowhere

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