Wednesday, 29 March 2017

As March Draws To An End Another March Begins

The Staging Is Full

As March draws to an end another march begins, the march of the plants out of the heated greenhouse and in to the unheated old peach house. The staging in the large heated greenhouse is fully occupied by the plants that were cuttings taken last September, however, with the seeds that were sown at the beginning of the month now germinating rapidly, there is a need to create space on the staging for the seedlings.    

Seeds Germinating Rapidly

A Space Has Been Created

This move is the first step of their march towards the outside world, beginning this morning with the transfer of the hardiest of the cuttings, Salvia, Argyranthemum, Penstemon, Cuphea, Plectranthus and some Pelargonium varieties, which were placed out on the peach house staging. Their journey will continue in a months time when they march onwards to the cold frames before they reach their final destination in a border or container display out in the gardens in June, by which time they will be fully acclimatised to the British summer weather.

Full Staging In The Old Peach House.

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