Thursday, 15 September 2016

A Bumper Delivery Of Bulbs

Boxes of bulbs

Ordered on the 8th July the bumper delivery of spring bulbs arrived today from Peter Nyssen Ltd, 3450 in total, all to be planted from October to December. The bulbs this year are:
  • Tulips, 14 varieties, 'Angelique', 'Ballerina', 'Belicia', 'Black Hero', 'Blue Diamond', 'Cairo', China Pink', 'Gabriella', 'Havran', 'Maureen', 'National Velvet', 'Shirley', 'West Point', 'White Marvel'
  • Narcissus, 3 varieties, 'Peeping Jenny', 'Thalia', 'Ice Follies'
  • Allium, 2 varieties, 'Christophii', 'Purple Sensation'
  • Camassia, 2 varieties, 'Cusickii', 'Leichtlinii Caerulea'
  • Fritillaria, 2 varieties, 'Persica', 'Meleagris'
  • Anemone, 1 variety, 'Blanda White Splendour'
Once the boxes had been emptied and the contents checked the bulbs were put in to a dry, cool place until planting begins. 

A Bumper Delivery Of Bulbs

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