Wednesday, 14 September 2016

A Bat, An Unusual Daytime Visitor To The College

The Ancient Corridor

The college receives many visitors on a daily basis, open between 2-5pm in the summer, but today a rather unusual visitor was spotted at the end of an ancient corridor leading to staircase 1 and 2. The visitor, a solitary bat, was found roosting on the outside of the old stone wall above the round window. Believed to be a Pipistrelle, very small, brown fur with a small dog-like face but the team aren't bat experts so could be another one of the 17 species of British bats!

Above The Round Window

A Roosting Bat


Bat Update, Monday 20th September

The bat is no longer at the end of the corridor and has moved on to another, unknown, roosting spot. 

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