Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Mulching With Wood Chip

The Broadwalk (Before)

Over the last few years, as woody material such as tree branches and shrub prunings have been put through the chipper, the pile of wood chip, situated at the bottom of the sports field, has been increasing. Today, however, it has been reduced as it was used as a mulch on the Broadwalk border. 


The large trailer was filled with wood chip and transported to the border, then shovelled in to wheelbarrows and tipped out on to the soil. To create a layer of about 2 inches deep, the piles were levelled out across the soil, paying particular care when spreading it amongst the plants and emerging bulbs.This natural barrier will help suppress weeds and help retain water. 

A Section Of The Border (Before)

Tipping Out The Wood Chip

A Section Of The Border (After)

Levelling Out The Piles Of Wood Chip

The Broadwalk (After)

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